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Native Planting


Native plants are plants that have existed in North America for 1000s of years. Consideration should be given to many of these beautiful perennials, shrubs and trees by today’s garden owners when making choices at the nursery.

Native species adapt to local water and soil conditions and therefore require less water and maintenance. No matter if your garden is full sun or full shade there are natives for you. A sunny aspect would provide a home for Big Blue Stem, Andropogon geradii or Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum . Likewise in a shady setting Foam Flower, Tiarella cordifolia or Lady Fern, Athyrium filix-femina  are worth considering.

Don’t forget our native trees. Choose our beautiful native Sugar Maple over the Norway non-native.  As habitats disappear these native plants continue to play an important role in our ecosystems as valuable sources of food and shelter. This is something you can do in your own garden that will make a difference. Remember to only use native plants that have been ethically collected and grown. Go to the North American Native Plant Society, www.nanps.org, for more information.